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Information regarding road closures near Middle School Campus.

October 1, 2021 / 5 mins read

Attention Middle School Families
Roadwork near Middle School Campus

Beginning on Monday, October 4th the Palmyra Borough will begin roadwork on Locust Street which is the street that runs alongside the west side of the Middle School building and our parking lot. The roadwork will take several weeks as they will replace several pipes under Locust Street and connect those pipes to all the homes on Locust street.

There are times during the project that small road closures will occur and traffic will be re-routed around the section of pipe replacement that is occurring at that time. These closures will be appropriately marked around the construction area. At no time will all access to our middle school parking lot be completely closed off preventing access to the campus/stadium. Additionally, the construction crew is going to do their best to not be working during our arrival and drop-off times.

We ask our families to be patient and flexible as this work is completed!!

Please plan for additional time during the drop off window to get your child to school as traffic is sure to be more difficult to navigate. We encourage you to use some of the side streets around the Middle School to drop off your child and have them safely walk to the building using the sidewalks. Please do not drop your child off in an unsafe area and ask them to cut through cars to get to school quickly. As always, we ask that families have their child use the sidewalks at all times when they are enroute to/from school and while they are on our Middle School campus.

Thanks for your continued support and assistance with making arrival and dismissal a safe time of the day!