Administration & Staff

Dr. Kathy Setlock

Director of Pupil Services

Ms. Donna Foran

Gifted Support Teacher
All Elementary | Middle School 6

Ms. Amy Wineland

Gifted Support Teacher
Middle School 7-8 | High School


About Gifted Services

The K-12 Gifted Program, LEAP (Learning Enrichment Activities Program), is designed to meet the individualized needs of students identified as mentally gifted, as outlined in each student’s Gifted Individualized Program (GIEP). The district provides gifted programming at each level (elementary, middle school, and high school). Opportunities for enrichment and/or acceleration are based on the individual needs of each student, as determined by the GIEP Team.

In compliance with Chapter 16 of the PA School Code, the Palmyra Area School District’s gifted program is planned to provide specially designed instruction and experiences to address a gifted learner’s needs for enrichment and/or acceleration and to accommodate the student’s individual academic abilities. Chapter 16 regulations required the use of multiple criteria to identify gifted education services. 

Gifted Annual Notice

The Palmyra Area School District conducts child find activities for children who may be eligible for gifted services under Pennsylvania 22 Pa Code Chapter 16. Parents who suspect their child is in need of specially designed instruction beyond that required in 22 PA School Code Chapter 4 (relating to academic standards and assessment) may request in writing for their child to be evaluated under the criteria of 22 PA Code §16.22. If a student is both gifted and eligible for special education, the procedures in IDEA and Chapter 14 shall take precedence.

In compliance with state law, services designed to the unique needs of gifted students are provided. Students are identified individually based on guidelines and regulations embodied in state law under Chapter 16. Those students who possess superior intelligence scores or meet multiple criteria indicating gifted ability may receive services. If your child is suspected to qualify for gifted services, you will be notified of evaluation and screening procedures. Requests for screening and evaluation should be made to your child’s building principal or school counselor.

For additional information, please contact the Director of Pupil Services at (717) 838-3144.  

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