Volunteer at PASD

Volunteer is defined as a person who voluntarily offers a service to the school district without compensation over a period of time (see categories below).

  1. Long-Term Volunteer - one who voluntarily provides a service to the school district, without compensation, from time to time throughout the entire school year. Said service does not necessarily have to be performed on consecutive days; the intent, however, is to use a long-term volunteer over an extended period of time throughout the school year. A volunteer that provides a one time service for ten (10) or more hours within a week is also considered to be long term.
  2. Overnight/Off Campus Chaperone/Volunteer - one who voluntarily provides a service to the school district, without compensation, as a chaperone on a trip where the students leave the campus or stay overnight at a hotel, motel, school, or other arrangements approved by the school district. This includes volunteers/chaperones who offer their home to students who are visiting our community through such events as district band, state band or foreign exchange.

Visitor is defined as a person who enters the school for a specific purpose such as a conference with a teacher or administrator or to provide a one-time service (such as an assembly or presentation to a class or classes). A visitor does not provide ongoing service to the school district or interact one on one with the children. A visitor does not act in a caretaking role with the children and is not left in the company of the children without approved supervision. In addition, a visitor may or may not be compensated for their services to the district as with an assembly or presentation. A visitor is not considered to be a volunteer with the District.

How to Become a Volunteer
  • All volunteers must complete Act 34, Act 151 Certificates, and the FBI Fingerprints electronically.
  • Submit completed packet along with all clearances to any school office. DO NOT mail the original clearances to the district office; they will not be returned.
  • Please NOTE: If you have Act 34, Act 151 Certificates, and the FBI Fingerprints that were completed for another organization (i.e.: work, church, scouting program, etc) that were obtained within the last 5 years, you may submit these clearances.
  • Volunteers must submit proof of a Tuberculosis Screening. If you have not had a TB screening within the last 10 years, please contact your family physician to schedule a screening.
  • Fill out the VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION FORM found on Page 5 in this Volunteer Manual.
  • Please complete the VOLUNTEER/VISITOR CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT found on the back of the Volunteer Registration Form.

The completed volunteer requirements may be dropped off at any school office. (Northside, Forge, Lingle, Pine, Middle School, High School)

Forms & Documents