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The Krypton Cougars were a perfect 12-0 at Duel on the Delaware

October 17, 2022 / 5 mins read

Team 2539 – The Krypton Cougars were a perfect 12-0 at Duel on the Delaware yesterday. Team 2539 was 5-0 and ranked #1 through the qualification matches and then 5-0 during the round-robin tournament. In the best 2 out of 3 of the championship, Team 2539 was 2-0 to bring home the top honors. But more importantly, the Team operated flawlessly. We were not without our share of issues with several parts on the robot breaking or wearing out but the Team pulled together and through Teamwork and Perseverance overcame all obstacles in our way. Several new Team Members experienced their first Robotics Competition and all new Team Members present played key roles in our success whether on the field on in the pit. It was a glorious day because the Team worked together and focused on our goal of always Continuous Improvement in everything that we do. In every match of the round-robin tournament, Team 2539 set a new high score for the tournament from 119, 130, 133, to 136 points. Here’s a link to one of our matches from yesterday: (1) 2022 Duel on The Delaware - YouTube

Team 2539 is already looking forward to Havoc this coming Saturday! All are welcome to attend!

October 22nd we'll be at : HAVOC - Team 708 at HAVOC 2022 (2022) - The Blue Alliance

November 5th we’ll be at: Ramp Riot XXII – November 5, 2022

November 11th we'll be at: Brunswick Eruption (2022) - The Blue Alliance